Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

Oh, yes. NaBloPoMo. To be honest, if it weren't for that, I probably wouldn't have written a post today. I am still playing catch-up and have fallen behind, behind, behind.

Admittedly, I've had a lot on my mind lately. Despite it all, work still needs to get done. So I soldier on.

I'm glad to hear of friends who have arrived safely at their destinations, whether it be near or far, home or away. I'm glad to hear of friends who are on the mend from one illness or another.

I'm glad to honour friends and family who have served in the military. It is because of their willingness to serve this country that we are able to do the things we do. There is an old saying, "Freedom isn't free." How very true that is.

Happy birthday to the U.S. Marines!

I know I'm far behind in this department, but I just finished planning hymns and choir anthems for Advent. I still have to do Christmas and Epiphany, but that will happen soon. Really soon.

Last thought. Ari, Denise, Jim, and I recorded a new episode of Secrets of Harry Potter last night. It should be a good episode. I just spent the past hour listening to the episode (I need to get a better microphone...) and writing up the show notes. I really enjoy doing this show with these people. It's like getting together with old friends over tea and debating our favourite topic whilst lightly teasing each other.

I'll close this post by embedding a YouTube video of one of the most recognisable pieces of music to come from the Harry Potter series: John Williams' "Hedwig's Theme."

Until next time... pax vobiscum.

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