Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Thoughts

It's been a busy day.

I started the day fighting for laundry machines and doing other house-type chores. Continuing work on the NC-ACS newsletter whilst listening to the hilarity that is Catholic Weekend followed. Father Roderick and Dave Handlos were also recording an episode of The Secrets of Tintin by doing a read-through of the first Tintin book, "Tintin in the Land of the Soviets". I came to the Tintin series pretty late, not having discovered them until I was a graduate student in Worcester, MA. I can't remember which of the Tintin books was the first I bought, but when I saw "Tintin in the Land of the Soviets" in a second-hand store, I snapped it up immediately. I'm glad I did... my version contains a page which originally appeared in Le Petit Vingtième No. 60 but was omitted for no apparent reason from the first edition in album form. And it's been fun re-reading through the Tintin adventures over the years.

So when I heard Fr. Roderick and Dave discussing "Tintin in the Land of the Soviets", I pulled out my book and followed along. I had no idea how quickly the time had passed. I really enjoyed that story when I first read it back then, and I really enjoyed listening to them discussing it on the podcast today.

Speaking of the podcast, please consider subscribing to the Secrets of Tintin podcast by clicking here for iTunes or click here for the Tintin feed. All of this makes me eager for the opening of the The Adventures of Tintin in the movie theatres on the 21st December. If you in Europe were lucky enough to have seen it already, don't tell me any details: I'd prefer not to be spoiled, tyvm.

Heh, and I thought I had nothing to talk about.

To continue: I went off to the funeral of one of the long-time area organists in Chapel Hill, Pearl Seymour. It was a lovely celebration of her life. Naturally, the fact that she was a devoted Carolina Tar Heels basketball fan was emphasized during peoples' reflections about her. That made me smile.

I'll post a music list for that service tomorrow.

Right after the funeral, I went off to the NC Pinoy Choir practice in Raleigh. It was really nice to see the choir members once again. We're practicing for Christmas caroling, and we have some good music on tap.

So now I'm home, relaxing before heading off for a good rest before tomorrow's services. It's funny: I was thinking that I'll just go ahead and answer the writing prompt for November 1 since I thought I had absolutely nothing to say. How wrong I was. :)

I received requests to translate a post I made... I think it was yesterday... in Tagalog. I'll get around to that soon, but I'll put the translation in the comm box, as well as over on (the soon-to-be-disabled) Google Buzz.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a blessed Sunday! Oh, and for those of you in North America, please don't forget that our Summer Time ("Daylight Saving Time") ends tonight, and tomorrow, we go back to Winter Time ("Standard Time"). Luckily for me, my iDevices will do the work for me.

Besides... if the parishioners forget to turn their clocks back an hour, I'll just tell them to join me in the choir stalls and sing a few hymns and an anthem. :)

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