Thursday, November 17, 2011

As we go hurtling towards the end of the year...

As my buddy, Derek Chock, asked recently, "Did anybody else just realize that Thanksgiving is a week from today? My apologies if this is alarming news."

I chuckled when I read that on his Facebook page. Alarming? Maybe so because the time has just flown by. Where has November gone? Admittedly, it has been a very busy month for me thus far, and December will probably be even busier for me.

At least I have a couple of trips to look forward to. I'll be spending Thanksgiving with my cousins in Northern Virginia and Christmas with the family in Southern California. It'll be wonderful to see them again.

So today at choir practice, I spent a bit of time going over the music we'll be singing during Advent. There was a request from the Liturgy Committee to try to slow things down a bit as a reminder that we are waiting in expectation for the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas. What better way to remember that than with the wonderful wealth of music available during Advent! It's one of those times when I wish Advent were longer than 4 weeks. So much wonderful music. So little time in which to hear them.

I'll close this post with a YouTube video of a Taizé piece: Wait for the Lord. Blessings upon you all.


Anonymous said...

The whole year has gone by in a blur, and I feel I haven't actually DONE anything. :( Nonetheless, it's good to make the time to take time. Thanks for the gentle (and pleasantly voiced) exhortation. :)

Lyn F. said...

Oh, I know! I'm still wondering what happened to this month; it seemed to have flown by. Actually, even the year in general. Where has the time gone?

You're very welcome! I hope the rest of your 2011 is a peaceful one. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. :)