Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The end of November's NaBloPoMo

Well, what happened to November? This will be a short post. The Secrets of Harry Potter panel members (Ari, Denise, Jim, and me) recorded another show earlier tonight, and we had a special guest with us. Ah-ah-ah! You'll have to wait to find out who that special guest is! We hope to bring this person back again for another episode. Suffice to say, even though we fangirled and fanboyed him, he also fanboyed us, especially Denise. :)

It was a nice exercise to try to blog every day in November. I just might do the same for December. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to post my music lists, so those will definitely be back-dated when I get around to it.

Oh, and my impressions of how well the people adjusted to the new English translation of the Roman Missal will have to wait until Sunday. I was travelling last Sunday morning and was unable to attend Mass the first Sunday in Advent. Considering I'll be the one behind the Grand Orgue this Sunday, I'm sure to be there. All I have to do is acquire enough music theory in order to come up with a passable accompaniment for the Chant Mass we'll be doing. (I have zero training in that department, so what might seem easy for most is like pulling teeth for me. :( )

That is all for now...

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