Monday, November 28, 2011

Last week of November. Now what?

Goodness. I'm still very tired. I guess I haven't quite caught up on sleep yet.

Time continues to march on. Cindy will be back tomorrow, and I'm sure the resident purring machine (i.e., Purrly the cat) will be very happy to see her. Purrly certainly was happy to see me when I came in. She was at the door when I opened it, and she has stayed by my side ever since. When I'm standing, she's winding her way around my legs. When I'm sitting down, she's on my lap. Starved for attention much, Purrly? ;)

November, where did you go? You passed by way too fast.

Happy birthday to my brother, Hermie! He's reached a milestone: the big four-oh. His celebration started last week, and it continues on. Rock on, brother, rock on. :)

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