Saturday, November 19, 2011

I fail.

I managed to miss a day during this month of blogging. The NaBloPoMo gods will be angry. (Not really.)

I had a good reason for missing out on blogging on November 18. Er... well, if I were in Hawaii, it would still be November 18 as I write this... they would just have two hours of November 18 left.

Back to my good reason for missing out on blogging. My friend (and very occasional co-blogger) Tyler had a business trip that took him to, of all places, Gastonia, NC. Once he finished in Gastonia, he drove to Chapel Hill, where we met for a late dinner at Whole Foods before continuing on to the Chapel of the Cross for some quality time with the Dobson and Kleuker organs. I told Tyler to take as much time as he wanted to... because of all the travelling he does for his job, he doesn't get the opportunity to practice as much as he'd like, so I'm more than happy to give him access to an organ or two for that purpose.

It was fun listening to him play... and I played through a few hymns as well. (It was a good excuse to practice the hymns I'll be playing in church on Sunday. :) )

We didn't leave Chapel of the Cross until well past 2:00 am. He's staying in a hotel in Research Triangle Park before catching a flight back to Vancouver sometime tomorrow afternoon. So at least he'll have some time to rest before travelling across the country, back home for a few days before he goes travelling again.

So that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

In the #gratefultweet department: it's really, really nice to be remembered. I received an unexpected surprise in my mailbox earlier today. Kyria (one of my fandom friends) sent me a postcard from England. That is really sweet of her to think of me. Thanks much, Kyria! I hope you enjoy your stay in England, and safe travels upon your return home.

That's it for now. I guess I'll have a couple of 19 November posts... more if I feel up to posting my overdue music lists...

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