Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I received a phone call this morning from one of the delightful residents of Carol Woods. He had asked me if I could make myself available to play the bi-monthly Eucharist service there this Sunday if the person who will play it is somehow "unavailable." I said I'll do it if pressed, but that I'd prefer not to. (Actually, there is an organ recital I want to go to that afternoon, which was why I had made myself unavailable.)

The real point for me making this post on this topic: he concluded the call by telling me that he, as well as the other residents, really appreciate my playing, and that it has made such a huge difference in their worship. They're always happy to see me and are grateful that I make myself available to them whenever I can.

And it is something I enjoy doing. So actually, I am grateful to them for allowing me the opportunity to share my music and my time with them.

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