Sunday, November 20, 2011

More gratefulness

I went to the usual Sunday evening Compline service earlier tonight. It seems we had a smaller than usual group (as well as smaller than usual attendance...) but we put out a good sound, according to a couple of people who spoke to me after the service. (Just as a reminder, the Compline service is attended mostly by college students, but there are also members of the community who attend. Chapel of the Cross staffers have acknowledged that the Compline service has become their "seeker" service, and they do their level best to ensure those who go to this service feel welcomed and that they are part of the community.)

What a couple of them told me, however, came as a complete surprise to me. There was a father (maybe in his 70s) and his son (maybe in his 50s). They told me they were discussing the choir and their sound during the post-service refreshments. For them, Compline is one of their favourite services. The younger man, who loves baking, makes sweets and treats, which are well-received by the students.

So these men pulled me aside and told me that, in their opinion, there are two choristers who they consider "essential" to the success of this group. One of the basses (and a very talented vocalist at that) was cited as one of those "essential" choristers. Much to my surprise, they felt I was the other one. My reaction: "Oh, come on!"

I'm very flattered that they feel this way, but truthfully, there are others in the group who are better sight-singers, and just better overall singers than I am. Yes, I've been singing with this group on and off since 2004, but still... I'm just one part of the whole, and together, we make the sublime sounds we do every Sunday night during the academic year.

After tonight, we'll have another three Sundays before we take a break for the Christmas holidays. I believe we'll be back the second Sunday in January, 2012.

Oh, the grateful part of this post? It truly is nice to be appreciated, and I am grateful to these men for that. There is the American Guild of Organists' slogan, Soli Deo Gloria, and it's true: we do this all for the glory of God. I am grateful that I am able to offer my talents for this purpose.

I'll post my music lists shortly.


Charles Culbreth said...

It's your heart, Lyn, people can know someone's heart from afar and then, out of nowhere, like this response, stun you with their love.

Lyn F. said...

Awww, thanks so much, Charles! I really appreciate your comment. I hope you're well. ♥