Sunday, November 6, 2011

¡Hola, Tinola!

Those of you who are Facebook friends with me may have noticed that occasionally, I'll post Mikey Bustos' "Filipino Tutorial" YouTube videos on my wall.

(For a little background: Mikey is a Canadian-born Filipino, and he was seventh runner-up in the 2003 (initial) season of Canadian Idol. He became known to many outside of Canada, thanks to his "Filipino Tutorial" videos he posted on YouTube.)

Mikey just returned to Toronto from the Philippines, where he spent several days filming commercials for a Jack 'n Jill product called "Mang Juan Chicharron". Those commercials were just released today. It follows the same format Mikey has used for his Filipino tutorials.

I'll embed the YouTube videos below. I particularly liked the "Condiments" video. The first thing that popped into my mind after I finished rolling on the floor, laughing: "Kawawa naman si Frank!" (Poor Frank!)

Last word: it's people like Mikey who remind us how proud we are to be Pinoy. Maraming salamat, Mikey!

"Ate" (Elder sister, pronounced "Ah-te")



"Kain na!" ("Let's eat!")

Finally: a Filipino Tutorial, "Politeness"

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