Monday, November 8, 2010

Mobile Blogging?

I decided to try Blogger's mobile blogging, so I followed the instructions. Well... it made up another blog for me, which I really didn't want, and when I said I wanted to switch to my usual one, it brought me to the usual version. I'm not really sure if texting what I want to appear on the blog would really work. I'm not really keen on the idea of texting my blogposts anyway. Why couldn't they come up with an app that would facilitate this process?

For me, this was a FAIL. So much for mobile blogging with Blogger.

In other news... perhaps those of you in SoCal and Nevada know much better than I do about what happened to our friend, Jay Presa (God rest his soul). I noticed all the hits this blog is receiving from those trying to find out what had happened to take him away from us so soon. The only thing I know (and which was mentioned by a friend) is that his passing was peaceful.

Please pray for Jay's family that they may have much support in this time of sadness.

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