Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deathly Hallows!!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I will be opening in the East Coast a little under 90 minutes from now. One of my choristers will be seeing the midnight showing tonight. She came to choir practice wearing her Hogwarts shirt. When she's not singing in my choir, she teaches high school chemistry, and told me she should have dressed as Snape in class today. My co-panelists with the Secrets of Harry Potter podcast, Jim and Maria, will be going to the midnight showings in their cities as well. I'll be going on Saturday with Jerome B., and I'm looking forward to it. (I haven't heard from Bob or Fr. Roderick as to when they're going to plan to see it, but I know Fr. Roderick is planning on a trip to the US next week... hopefully, he'll have time to see it whilst in the States.)

I'll admit—there were parts of the book I wasn't keen on. (For example, the camping trip that would never end, and I hated hated hated the Epilogue...) However, I am curious to see how it was filmed. I heard the actors' performances were top-notch, and that an animation used to illustrate the story of the Three Brothers as Hermione was narrating was a highlight. I know I'd need to separate book canon from film canon... and hopefully, it won't detract from enjoyment of the film.

I know I'll be taking notes whilst watching the film... either that, or I might end up watching it a few times before recording the podcast with my fellow panel members. :)

Enjoy the film, those of you who will be watching it! I'd be curious to know your reactions to it.

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