Friday, November 12, 2010

Good Things Friday, 11.12.2010

I'm sitting at my desk with a glass of iced citrus green tea and lots of papers scattered everywhere. As I'm putting together the latest issue of the TarHelium, I'm getting a thorough review of HTML, which is a good thing. I may have mentioned that whenever I compose my posts in Blogger and LiveJournal, I always use the "Edit HTML" function, as opposed to composing my posts using Real Text or whatever other option is given.

I'm a bit concerned that my favourite app on iPhone, ProHDR, has been crashing every time I try to use it. This greatly disappoints me; there are lots of beautiful fall colours on the trees now, especially down in the Research Triangle Park area. At least I know it's not just me; a few people have left reviews at the iTunes App Store, complaining about the program crashing on them. I hope any updates would help alleviate this problem.

Oh, but I did title this post "Good Things Friday", didn't I? So here goes.

  • I am taking this opportunity to catch up with podcasts that have been sitting around in my queue. I've been listening mainly to Secrets of Middle-earth and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! My backlog for WWDTM stretches back to... July... but once I catch up with that one, I'll work on my backlog of A Way with Words.
  • November 19 is quickly approaching. That is the release date for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I. I am planning to see it next Saturday. I am hoping that my fellow Secrets of Harry Potter panelists and I will have the opportunity to record another episode soon to react to this latest film. According to Tom Felton and Warwick Davis, this latest film should be the best Harry Potter film yet. This is what Warwick says about it: "It is a VERY good film. More thriller in genre. Technically brilliant & visually stunning. I thought it was the best 'Potter' movie yet." He adds, "In 'HP7', I also love the animated sequence that visualises Hermione's telling of 'The Tale of The Three Brothers'... very Tim Burton-esque." Yeah... really looking forward to the film. I'm just hoping I won't be disappointed by it, but as I had mentioned in previous episodes of Secrets of Harry Potter, I just have to separate book canon from film canon. I heard that the performances of the young actors were very good, and I am looking forward to being entertained by it.
  • Going back to iPhone apps... Father Roderick had tweeted that an app, Zen Bound, was free on iTunes. I will admit: I am not a gamer. It never really had much fascination for me. Well, okay, perhaps I liked such games as Pong and Moon Patrol and even admit to playing a bit of Tetris every once in a while. (Does that date me?) So what brought me to Zen Bound? I'll admit: it looked interesting, and it was a free app, so I decided to download it. I can see why it's addicting: it describes itself as "a meditative puzzle game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures." You go about it slowly... zen-like... and once you pass a certain percentage of rope wrapped, you can go on to the next level. The graphics are beautiful and the music very complimentary. Thanks for the recommendation, Fr. Roderick!

I should get back to the editing. Before I go, however... today was Jay Presa's funeral. I'm sure friends and family are still gathered now, remembering him and celebrating his life. A couple of days ago, Jocelyn Vinluan-Pujeda had shared a PayPal link with her Facebook f-list that would lead to a Memorial Fund that was set up in memory of Jay. As far as I know, donations to this fund are still being accepted. I'm sure his family would appreciate any gift you can make. Click here to contribute.

God willing, I'll be back tomorrow. On tap: more work with the newsletter and a dress rehearsal for the Hymn and Choir Festival at Grace Baptist Church.

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