Monday, November 22, 2010

The Apple of my Monday...

Okay, okay, so my audio post yesterday was a bit of a cop-out. So today, I will provide words, or a look into that tangled web known as my brain.

So Apple came out with iOS 4.2 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. I decided to download the new OS... figured why not, nothing to lose, and it will need to be updated anyway.

I had no problems doing it; iTunes did it all for me. All I had to do was click to agree to this, that, and the other thing. The installation was painless... and when it was done, much to my delight, my formerly favourite app, ProHDR, was working again! (It had been crashing on me consistently, which disappointed me because there were so many wonderful scenes I could have photographed, but missed because the app kept crashing on me...)

I didn't check my other problematic app (Passometer) that I never got to work because it crashed on me every time I tried to use it... it makes me wonder if a simple thing like an OS upgrade would fix that problem, as well.

I managed to catch up on tasks I had to push to the side: updating the Durham-Chapel Hill AGO webpage and Facebook page, doing a couple of stories in the TPP queue, putting up a Facebook events page for the upcoming Simbang Gabi Mass... I think I can go to sleep happy. :)

One last thing: today, November 22, is the Feast day of St. Cecilia. She is the patron saint of musicians and church music, and it was said that as she was dying a martyr's death, she was singing to God. She is often depicted playing an organ or some other musical instrument.

Happy St. Cecilia day to my fellow musicians and to my choristers! :)

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