Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is the way to use modern technology ...

Reading a story about Pope Benedict XVI in Australia, this bit caught my eye: Pilgrims also received the second of daily mobile phone text messages from Benedict: "The Holy Spirit gave the Apostles and gives u the power boldly 2 proclaim that Christ is risen! - BXVI."

Who'd have thought that one would receive such a message via modern technology? Frankly speaking, it shouldn't be much of a surprise. I get the impression the Holy Father knows how to use modern technology as a tool to reach the masses in the 21st century. I subscribe to one of the Vatican podcast feeds via iTunes, which delivers snippets from his weekly General Audiences, as well as from Angelus prayers, generally conducted at St. Peter's. Naturally, most of those are in Italian, although His Holiness also gives his messages in other languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Polish, etc.).

(Photo credit: L'Osservatore Romano, via AP)

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