Thursday, July 3, 2008

An innocent, but rather cute question

(Icon courtesy of caesyrian ... actually, it was obtained by doing a Google image search on Snape laughing ...)

I was having lunch with a friend at the China Buffet in the South Square area in Durham Sunday afternoon. As we went to the cashier to pay for our meal, the cashier asked me, "Is church closed?" I'll have to admit that I was rather taken aback by her question. "Erm, not that I know of; there are still late afternoon services that have yet to take place, but by now (ca. 1.30 p.m.), all the morning services should have been completed."

The cashier sheepishly explained that she thought business was a little slow that day because Church may have been closed. I suppose they receive a lot of business after church services on Sundays. I suppose if she perceived business to be a little slow, that would be the conclusion she'd make.

My friend and I chuckled over her question as soon as we left the restaurant. I still chuckle at it now as I remember it.

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