Sunday, April 13, 2008

Straight from the mouth of babes ...

This is a cute story courtesy of Van Quinn.

Chapel of the Cross had their ABC sale this past weekend. (ABC == Attics, Basement, Closets. Think of it as a huge yard sale, with many beneficiaries. It's a big annual event at COTC.) There was a second-grade student, approximately 7-8 years old, who dragged his father over to where the used CDs and the like were sold. He said there were a whole heap of "great CDs" on sale there.

The contents of the CDs? Choral music from St. Paul's Episcopal Church (I am assuming Greenville, NC; Janette Fishell is an amazing talent, and boo hoo for us but great on her that she is moving to bigger and better things at Indiana University), organ music by Bach, Handel ... more choral music CDs ... another CD featuring some works performed by organist Peter Hurford accompanied by orchestra conducted by Charles Dutoit ... ask the boy's father his opinion on what his son considered "great CDs," and he rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

No wonder Van was rather excited - I believe he wants to recruit this kid for his Cantus Choir ...

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