Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catholic Carnival #166 with Bryan Murdaugh

Catholic Carnival 166 is up and running at Bryan Murdaugh's blog. Bryan made the most of the posts he received and knitted them together into what turns out to be a wonderful tribute to his late father.

My entry was Fr. Stephen Cuyos' very clever Blogger's Prayer. Right now, Fr. Stephen is in Chicago. He had spent time in Bogotá, Colombia, giving workshops on a topic that is near and dear to his heart, Web Design using free and open source software. He'll be making a stop in San Bernardino, CA before making his way back to the Philippines.

I've discerned that these Carnivals can only be as good as the entries you bring to the party. Please feel free to submit your thoughts to future Carnivals. A handy-dandy form may be found by clicking here. In addition, a list of past and future Carnivals may be obtained by clicking here.

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