Friday, April 18, 2008


Well, it's done - the one-shot story I outlined yesterday is completed. It essentially wrote itself. That was really cool. Kind of reminded me of when I was in junior high school, when writing came so easily to me. I wrote so much back then, three novel-length stories, if memory serves me right, but I've never published them. I'm sure all that stuff is still packed away at home in San Diego, buried in a closet in my childhood bedroom.

It came out to a little under 40,000 words (according to Microsoft Word), so perhaps it's a little long, but I'm happy with it.

I won't post it just yet though as I would like to have another pair of unbiased eyes have a look at it.

This has given me a feeling of accomplishment. I'll post here to give the links of places to where I will have uploaded the story.


Anonymous said...

WHOA WHOA WHAT? You write 40,000 words without so much as taking a BREATH?

*is in awe*

Where do you post? I want to read!

Lyn F. said...


Well, this one did sort of write itself. I wrote the outline in a hotel room yesterday morning (a friend is in town doing a Radiology course for her Continuing Medical Education credits, and we spent the night before watching Alan Rickman films Die Hard, Dogma, and Galaxy Quest) and this morning, I just sat down and typed and typed and typed ...

As to where I post ... I was hoping to get your advice on that, actually. I'll email you off-blog.