Monday, April 14, 2008

Papal Visit ... The Ultimate Order of Worship!

I just received an email, courtesy of my membership of the listserv PIPORG-L. With a subject line extending congratulations to two organists, Stephen Tharp and Jennifer Pascual, naturally, I had to have a look at that message.

The message conveyed congratulations to Mr. Tharp as he will be the organist for the Papal Masses at St. Patrick's Cathedral and Yankee Stadium, and the organist for the Ecumenical Service at St. Joseph's in NYC.

The congratulations were extended to Dra. Pascual (yes, she's Filipino, squee) for being the organiser of all the music and musicians, as well as the conductor for the Masses and services.

And then ... a link. It's a long download, but is 113 pages worth of Order of Worship. For me, who collects them, I felt like I got deposited in the middle of Sweet Factory ... heh heh, or Honeydukes Sweetshop (yeah, dream on, Lyn!) ... but seriously. It was really neat to look through this document.

Click here to check out this document.

H/T to Joe Vitacco, the author of the post which led to this squee-worthy post (well, what do you expect of a hopelessly nerdy Church Organist???)


Charles said...

Hey Dr. MonCher,
Wouldn't Dr. Pascual more accurately be described as a "Filipina?"
Love from out west,

Lyn F. said...

Oh, all right, if you're picking at vowel endings and the like, Sir Chaz-a-lot ... yes, she (and I) would be described as "Filipinas."

Love right back atcha,