Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday, Monday

So it's been almost a week that I have been voiceless. Van Quinn has been making fun of me ... well, I know he's also fond of me, as well as quite concerned for me ... he said that my attempting not to talk would be akin to my making a Lenten Sacrifice! You know, how people claim they give up one thing or another for Lent? According to Van, mine would be talking.

Funny - I never thought of myself as a particularly talkative person. I guess others must perceive me differently.

I was ... well, kind of having a conversation with my friend Roy last night as he was filling up the church with incense in preparation for the Compline service. He made the observation (and I came to the realisation that he was right) that people tend to whisper in response to those with laryngitis. It's funny - I was trying to conduct choir rehearsal before my 10:30 am service at St. Joseph's by doing a lot of gesturing and the like. My choristers were whispering their responses back to me! Roy's organ teacher, Susan Moeser, has also been afflicted with laryngitis, and he said her students have also been whispering back at her as she was attempting to instruct them.

Makes me wonder how I will manage tomorrow, when I'm supposed to be lecturing at a group of Criminal Justice students as I teach them the wonders of Analytical Instrumentation Used By Forensic Scientists. The students are also scheduled to do a thin layer chromatography experiment, to observe how many different components ball point pen ink may have. It would be difficult to conduct such a class whilst mute.

Sigh ...

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