Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's déjà-vu all over again.

Sigh. I have mentioned in one of the fora in which I participate that music in the (American) Roman Catholic Church has been the subject of ridicule amongst non-RC's. This series of posts in one of the many list-servs that has been occupying my time only illustrates why the ridicule continues on. The names have been deleted ... frankly speaking, different people say the same thing, and I hear it from my Episcopal, Lutheran, and Methodist friends all the time.
On the subject of the music of the Roman Catholic Church in this place, here were the hymns for last night's mass for which I played.

I'll always be loving you.
Like a Shepherd
Will you love me?
Amazing Grace (as a tribute to Anzac Day)

No further comment.
Okay, Anzac tells me this person played these "songs" in a RC church in either Australia or New Zealand. But still. What has happened to the music (and the liturgy, as well) with the English language Masses?

The teasing and the ribbing continues as this was one of the responses to the above post:

(throws surplice over head, opens desk drawer, sniffs packet of incense)


That's better.
And just to add to all the fun, here is another response to the same message:
I realise this is an issue that will not be solved overnight. The RC church has had, what, ca. 45 years or so to wreckovate the music and liturgy? Other Christian denominations have had hundreds of years to get it right. Perhaps we're just too impatient?

The more I hear about it, the more I wish I could have the funds, as well as the time, to go to a Church Music Association of America (CMAA) Colloquium, as I'm sure I would learn a lot from those people. I've had friends go to these, and they report that they've had a spiritually fulfilling experience, and it gives them hope about the future of sacred music in the American RC Church. It's too bad that for me, RL will get in the way - I will have been in the middle of Summer Session at Campbell, and for the Summer term, I will be teaching both General Chemistry (for science majors) and Organic Chemistry, both very time-intensive courses.

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