Friday, March 14, 2008

Why all the hate?

I cannot believe what I am reading.

The fools, the hate-filled creatures who call themselves a "church" - the Westboro so-called Baptist "Church" - is planning to picket Eve Carson's Memorial Service on Tuesday. I don't care about First Amendment rights in this situation - those people are just vile, evil creatures who misuse and abuse the term and the notion of church. They are devilish people who are misrepresenting the people of God, IMHO.

Even their press release is majorly offensive. How dare they praise their so-called god because another college student was senselessly killed? How dare they claim their god hates all American Colleges, and claim that Eve's death is their god's way of punishing all those who are a part of the college? They are the classic example of "Look in the mirror before you criticise others." They end their "press release" by declaring that, "American universities are god-defying, satanic, and vile." Well, you evil sods and mad cows who are a part of that godless organisation WBC - you should look at yourselves in the mirror and rewrite that sentence to read, "Westboro Baptist 'Church' is a godless, god-defying, satanic, and vile organisation."

I'm sure their hate-filled flyer can be found with Google searches; I refuse to insert a link with this post.

Can't those idiots allow a family and a community that has been so hurt by the actions of a couple of selfish, young thugs a chance to mourn in peace?


John C. Fowler said...

This organization likes to picket high-profile funerals, because they want attention. The only way to discourage them is not to give them any. So let's not speak of them again.

Lyn F. said...

That's a good point. Actually, students from NIU gave some excellent advice to UNC students on how to deal with those idiots - don't provoke them, bring tarps and sheets, to be lashed onto poles to cover and block those idiots and their signs, and bring your iPods or other portable devices so you can drown out their useless blather with your music/podcasts/mp3s, etc.

Basically, ignore the fools and block them from being seen by the others who will be filing into the Dean Dome for the service.

Sounds like a brilliant idea to me. I believe they're going through with it, meeting at 2.30 pm at the Dean Dome. Wear Carolina Blue if you're planning to go ...

Anonymous said...

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