Friday, March 21, 2008

Dame Maggie Smith ...

... is fighting breast cancer, according to The Daily Mail. I'm sad to hear about this news, and I hope she will make a full recovery.

I've had an aunt die from the effects of breast cancer, but it had gone to quite an advanced stage, and we didn't come to know of it until she suffered a relapse, and the cancer had metathesised to her bones. I still remembered a certain numbness, and wondering why, why, why didn't she let us know, and with my mum and another aunt being nurses, they could have helped and advised her.

Dame Maggie Smith is in her early 70s, and I sincerely hope her diagnosis was made early enough. It looks like she's had surgery to remove the tumour, and is currently undergoing radiation therapy. Hopefully, the prognosis is good. I know at least three others who are currently in remission, and all three lead quite active lives. Here's hoping Dame Smith will be able to recover to continue hers.

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