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30 March - Service Music for the Day

As usual ... my music lists for Sunday services.

I am still volunteering my Cantoring services at Immaculate Conception (RC) Church's 7.45 am Sunday Mass as my cantoring duties does not conflict with either of my organist positions. My turn at cantoring came with the Second Sunday of Easter.

Immaculate Conception (As usual, the numbers come out of GIA's Gather Comprehensive 1994 (green cover):

Gloria: 176 (Andrews)
Gospel Acclamation: 263 (Hughes Alleluia in C)
Sanctus, Mem. Accl., Amen, Agnus Dei: Community Mass (Proulx)

Prelude: See note below
Pro: 433, At the Lamb's high feast we sing (SALZBURG)
Psalm: 118 (Guimont)
Off: 423, O sons and daughters (O FILII ET FILIAE)*
Comm: See note below
Re: 446, The strife is o'er (VICTORY)
Postlude: See note below

* I and my friend Jane, the usual organist for this Mass, decided to handle this as it would have been as written in the Hymnal 1982: antiphon before and after the verses, as there were 9 of them. It was a perfect fit; we started right after Fr. Steve's Offertory Sentence (which was my idea - I had suggested it as a more smooth transition between the Litany of the Announcements, which take place after the Prayer of the Faithful, and the Offertory/Preparation of the Gifts, etc.) and the final antiphon was sung just as Fr. Steve completed his ritual handwashing. Jane has an impeccable sense of timing.

I didn't get exact titles of the organ voluntaries she played, but I did notice they were French Baroque in style. Later, I caught the composer: Jean-François Dandrieu, and that what she played for Prelude, Communion, and Postlude were all variations on O Filii et Filiae.

I will get a go at playing the 7.45 am Mass next Sunday. I'll post that list next week.

At St. Joseph's Episcopal Church, we celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph. The Episcopals transferred the celebration of the feast to Monday, March 31, so the decision was made to bump the Second Sunday after Easter and celebrate the patronal feast day instead. Special thanks to Joe Scolastico, who helped me with music ideas for planning this service.

Numbers are out of The Hymnal 1982.

Baptism and The Holy Eucharist: Rite II

Prelude: Mass for the Convents: Plein jeu and Récit de Chromhorne (François Couperin)
Pro: 260, Come now, and praise the humble saint (TALLIS' ORDINAL)
Psalm: Ps 89 (Guimont. I set the verses from the BCP to Guimont's indicated Psalm tone.)
Seq: 587, Our Father, by whose Name (RHOSYMEDRE)
Off: 262, By the Creator, Joseph was appointed (BICKFORD)
Sanctus: S-125, Community Mass (Proulx)
Lord's Prayer: chanted (S-119 in Hymnal 1982)
Fraction Anthem: S-154, New Plainsong (Hurd)
Comm: Gather Comprehensive 749, In Christ there is a table set for all (CENÉDIUS)
Re: 231, By all your saints still striving (KING'S LYNN, using the St. Joseph's stanza for verse 2)
Postlude: Offertoire sur les grands jeux (Couperin)

*shrug* I have a small, but merry band of volunteers which includes a bass guitarist, a guitarist, and a flautist. They have this "St. Joseph's Hymnbook," which includes some of the schlockiest things I've ever seen (and most of which I have no clue how they go as I've never seen nor heard of them before). However, considering this group does that type of music best, I might as well take advantage of that. As it turns out, the piece we received the most compliments on was the Communion song we did out of Gather. And they really do this type of music well, even if I am the weakest link as far as this type of music is concerned.

The Episcopal Centre at Duke University was back on schedule, with their usual 4.00 pm service.

The Second Sunday of Easter: Holy Eucharist: Rite II
Prelude: A rather ... simple ... improvisation on O filii et filiae. Not much I could do really on a small, 1-manual, 3-rank Holtkamp.
Pro: 206, Alleluia! O sons and daughters, let us sing! (O FILII ET FILIAE)
Gloria: S-280 (Powell)
Psalm: Psalm 16, recited
Seq: 209, We walk by faith, and not by sight (ST. BOTOLPH)
Off: 205, Good Christians all, rejoice and sing (GELOBT SEI GOTT)
Sanctus: S-125 Community Mass (R. Proulx)
Communion Hymn: 242, How oft, O Lord, thy face hath shone (JACOB)
Re: 195, Jesus lives! Thy terrors now (MOWSLEY)

Compline at Chapel of the Cross.

We've been using the Order for Compline, as set by David Hurd. Our little additions:

Let my prayer come up into Thy presence (Henry Purcell; sung as introit)
Hymn 206, Alleluia! O sons and daughters, let us sing! (O FILII ET FILIAE)
In manus tuas (Sheppard; sung in addition to "Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit ...)
S-32, Concluding Versicle and Response in Easter Season ("Let us bless the Lord, alleluia, alleluia ...")
Regina Coeli (Marian antiphon right after the Dismissal)
Ave Maria ... virgo serena (des Prez)
Organ Voluntary by the abfab David Arcus. His offering: improvisation on a theme from des Prez' Ave Maria (Nostra glorificatio, in a kind of Carillon-ish style. He said it was influenced by a composition he wrote some time back ...)

I just want to give a shout-out to Erik Andersen, who is a first-year Graduate Student at the University of Washington. He was a member of the Compline Choir, and we just discovered each other through Facebook. So Erik - here's to you. I'm glad things are going well for you in Seattle.

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