Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eve Carson Memorial Service

What can I say? It was a moving service. There were reflections, starting with Chancellor James Moeser, and ending with that of her friends, and words from her Father (although I didn't stay to hear them as I had to leave early to make a class at Campbell's RTP Campus). The memories were poignant, funny ... but it all gave a snippet of what Eve was like, and how much she affected her friends, her colleagues ... but also, a community, a university, and the world. A story was told about how she even touched a visitor from Afghanistan ... a visiting professor, I believe ... and that said professor had conveyed his condolences upon hearing of Eve's passing. There weren't many dry eyes as the memories and reflections were being given, especially those given by her close friends and roommates.

There was also music in addition: the UNC Gospel Choir gave a very moving performance of Amazing Grace, and the UNC Band ended the service by playing the Alma Mater (Hark the Sound), which again, I didn't get a chance to hear as I left early.

Eve Carson was truly a remarkable young woman, and it is such a tragedy that her life got cut too short, and that she was taken away from us so soon.

Her memory will go on: UNC established the Eve Marie Carson Memorial Fund in order to celebrate and remember Eve's love for the University and its students. Giving is easy: go to, choose one of the giving options, select "Eve Marie Carson Memorial Fund" under University Fund.

Rest in peace, Eve.

(Note: follow this link to view videos of the service, as well as audio from the celebration. I'm glad the University posted these - it was wonderful being there and experiencing it all; now it's preserved for all to see.)

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