Thursday, March 6, 2008

Catherine Park and Kristin Glaeser - Concert Program

This was the concert program for the Sophomore Voice Recitals of UNC students Catherine Park and Kristin Glaeser. I went to support Kat as she is one of the Kenan Scholars who sings with St. Stephen's Episcopal Church.

Kat has a phenomenal voice, and amazing stage presence. She is so good now; I'm sure she will be better than excellent by the time she gives her Senior Recital a couple of years down the line. I don't know Kristin, but she has a nice voice, and a lovely lower register. I just wish I could hear her better. She barely opened her mouth, but it makes me wonder how much of that is nerves. She became stronger and stronger as the recital went on, and she finished rather brilliantly. Her French singing is very good, and as I watched her, the words of my former voice teacher, Beth Linnartz, started ringing in my head: "You should be singing the French words through a tube." Kristin demonstrated that very well, I thought.

With that, the program. The first and the sixth movements were performed by Kat (soprano) and Kristin (mezzo-soprano). The second and fourth movements were performed by Kat while the third and fifth movements were performed by Kristin.

With that, the program. This took place in the newly opened Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (nice space, by the way. They designed that space well, IMHO. But that's another post for another day.)

J. S. Bach: Domine Deus (from Mass in G Major)

G. Verdi: Lo spazzacamino
O. Respighi: Venitelo a vedere'l mi piccino
G. Donizetti: O luce di quest'anima (from Linda di Chamounix)

C. Debussy: Three pieces from Ariettes Oubliées
C'est l'extase ...
L'ombre des arbres

F. Schubert: Three songs which tracks a girl's experience with love
Nacht unt Träume
Lachen und Weinen
Du bist die Ruh

S. Barber: Three songs
The Monk and His Cat
A Green Lowland of Pianos

G. Gershwin: Blah Blah Blah

(and absolutely not is the last piece anything like the song with the identical title by Iggy Pop!!!)

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