Friday, March 14, 2008

For those of you on Facebook ...

A friend of mine, Stephen Smith, has posted a wonderful collection of photos on his Facebook page. On the UNC campus stand a memorial to Eve Carson. People have written letters and notes, many heartfelt ... and it serves as a poignant reminder of what the UNC family, as well as the Chapel Hill/Carrboro community, have lost.

Here is what Stephen wrote introducing the album:
I have collected here memorials to Eve Carson. To stay here as a reminder those acts of grief, love and respect that we do when our lives are touched by death.

In a long while or a short one, the profile pictures will change back, the cubes will be repainted, and the flags will go to the top of the staff. But some part of us will always remember Eve and how she touched our lives, in ways big and small.
Beautifully stated, Stephen. I have not yet had the chance to visit this memorial, but it is indeed something I intend to do very soon, within the next couple of days.

I include a few photos as examples of the outpouring of love shown to this fallen angel.

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