Thursday, July 9, 2009

Old Friends

This was the week to see a pair of friends I haven't seen much since I graduated high school so many years ago.

Monday, I saw Anthony Arellano for the first time since I graduated high school. He was a couple of years behind me, as he is my brother's age. Actually, I met Anthony through my brother. They had a band in high school, with Anthony on the guitar and vocals, my brother on the drums ... I believe Eric Filomeno was also on guitar, and Zillah Smith on keyboards (although I had also been asked to play from time to very infrequent time).

Anthony and his wife, Michele, were passing through on the way back to San Diego. They've been taking an annual trip to White Lake, NC to visit with Michele's family, who had lived in Fayetteville before moving to San Diego. We only had time to share a meal in Brier Creek before having to take them to the airport, but it was nice to spend that time with them.

Oh yes. Pic!spam. I really don't like taking pictures, but I said I'd take this one. This is Anthony and me in the Brier Creek Jason's Deli, taken 6 July 2009.

I saw another old friend briefly Tuesday morning. Deanna (Opava) Rosario and her two boys, Connor and Donovan, were returning from a trip to California to visit with relatives. I told them to leave their car in the parking lot behind my apartment – why pay heaps of money in the park-and-ride lot when they could park at my place for free? So I collected them from the airport, drove them back to my place, switched cars, and then they made the drive back to Fayetteville. They had taken the overnight flight from San Diego back to RDU. I know from experience that could be a gruelling flight, especially if you can't fall asleep on the plane. So they were three very tired people as they made the trip back to Fayetteville. But it was great to see Deanna again, even if only for a brief moment. We'll probably see each other again soon.

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