Sunday, July 19, 2009


I just spent a very enjoyable couple of hours recording a podcast called The Secrets of Harry Potter. It was very enjoyable, and my co-hosts, Jim, Maria, and Fr. Roderick, were heaps of fun! We broadcast it on uStream, so you should be able to hear the unpolished, unedited version. You would only be able to see Fr. Roderick, as he was the host. The rest of us contributed via conference call in Skype.

We originally envisioned this as a pair of thirty-minute podcasts, but of course, we had so much material to cover. After two podcasts, we still had so much material to cover, and we'll try recording more later on in the week, before Fr. Roderick goes on holiday.

If I've done this right, you'll see Secrets of Harry Potter Episodes #37 and #38 embedded below.

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