Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Concert Program - Thomas Bloom, organ

This was the first Bach's Lunch that I was able to attend this semester.

Tom Bloom is a regular at these Bach's Lunches, and he gave a wonderful program. Here is what he played:

Pierre du Mage: Livre d'Orgue [1708]
  • Plein Jeu
  • Fugue
  • Trio
  • Tierce en Taille
  • Basse de Trompette
  • Récit
  • Duo
  • Grand Jeu

François-Clément Théodore Dubois: Douze Pièces [1889]: 12. Grand Choeur

He gave a nice performance of the du Mage, very well executed and articulated. As for the Dubois: hearing the zimbelstern at the end was a pleasant surprise, but I wish Tom wasn't so conservative in his registration. Otherwise, he gave a wonderful 30 minute recital, as he usually does.

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