Tuesday, November 25, 2008

23 November - Feast of Christ the King - Proper 29

Here are my usual lists of music.

St. Joseph's Episcopal Church where I played my usual 10.30 am service. As usual, numbers are out of The Hymnal 1982.

The Feast of Christ the King: Rite II
Prelude: Selections from Missa Oecumenica (R. Proulx)*
Pro: 494, Crown him with many crowns (DIADEMATA)
Song of Praise: S-236 (Benedictus es, Domine; J. Rutter)
Psalm: Psalm 100 (Ford, plainsong Mode 1)
Seq: 609, Where cross the crowded ways of life (GARDINER)
Off: 377, All people that on earth do dwell (OLD 100TH)
Sanctus: S-125, Community Mass (Proulx)
Lord's Prayer: chanted (S-119 in Hymnal 1982)
Fraction Anthem: S-167, The disciples knew the Lord Jesus (M. Martens; Mode 6)
Comm: 460, Alleluia! sing to Jesus! (HYFRYDOL)
Re: 544, Jesus shall reign where'er the sun (DUKE STREET)
Postlude: Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow (P. Manz)

* I'm doing it again - the sort of "subliminal" planting of music into peoples' brains. I am planning to introduce Proulx' Missa Oecumenica for the service music for Advent. Hopefully by the time we get to the First Sunday of Advent, the people will have the tune in their minds. I'm not worried about the Sanctus, which has the tune based on 560 from the hymnal (BEATITUDES, based on Russian Orthodox chant), but hopefully they'll have the tune for the Trisagion and the Agnus Dei in mind (based on Archangelsky's tune).

Next week, we start in on this service music. Hopefully the melodies are burnt into the peoples' brains ... but at least they will have four Sundays with this music.

The Episcopal Centre at Duke University. This is the last "regular" service of the semester as the next time we come together, which will be on the Second Sunday of Advent, December 7, we will be celebrating Advent Lessons and Carols. Speaking of which - if you're in the area, and if you're not planning to go to the Duke Chapel Choir's third performance of Handel's Messiah at Duke Chapel, please consider coming to the Episcopal Centre, located right next to Campus Police, and across the street from the Ronald McDonald House on Alexander St. It will start at 5.00 pm, and we eventually end with a hymn sing. There should be enough merriment to send the students off into their final exams and the Christmas hols.

The Feast of Christ the King: Rite II
Prelude: Improvisation on Old 100th
Pro: 494, Crown him with many crowns (DIADEMATA)
Gloria: S-278 (Mathias)
Psalm: Ps 123, recited
Seq: 609, Where cross the crowded ways of life (GARDINER)
Off: 377, All people that on earth do dwell (OLD 100TH)
Sanctus: S-128 (Mathias)
Lord's Prayer: chanted (S-119 in Hymnal 1982)
Comm: WLP 831, Ubi Caritas (Taizé)
Re: 544, Jesus shall reign where'er the sun (DUKE STREET)
Postlude: Improvisation on Hyfrydol

Yes. The postlude was done by request. :)

Compline at Chapel of the Cross.

I was exceedingly happy that I was able to sing Compline! I sang with the altos since I certainly didn't have the soprano range back. Thanks again to Ali for providing the lists of music while I was away.

We've been using the Order for Compline, as set by David Hurd.

Here are our little additions:

Domine fac mecum (Thomas Morley)
Psalms 31 and 134 (chanted to Tone 8)
Hymn: To you before the close of day (TE LUCIS ANTE TERMINUM, plainsong Mode 8)
In manus tuas (Sheppard; sung in addition to "Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit ...)
Nunc Dimittis from Short Service (O. Gibbons)
Salve Regina (Marian antiphon right after the Dismissal)
Ave Maria (Tomas Luis de Victoria)
Organ Voluntary by the equally abfab Van Quinn.

Van improvised on themes from both Salve Regina, as well as the hymn "To you before the close of day". This will be the last week we'll be chanting the Salve Regina as the antiphon changes to Alma Redemptoris Mater. We'll be chanting this up until Candlemas, or the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple.

I was feeling quite nostalgic as I listened to Van's improvisation. It made me realise how much I miss singing with the Senior Choir. I even mentioned it to Van, and his response: "I wish you could win the Lottery so that you can come back to us."

My voice still isn't back to normal, but at least it's definitely on the mend. I should be able to cantor at Immaculate Conception next Sunday morning. Until then ... to my American readers, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and we'll see you on the First Sunday of Advent.

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Anonymous said...

I love "Where cross the crowded ways of life" and enjoyed singing it on Sunday a great deal! I think I first sang it at the National Cathedral in DC. Generally speaking, it's hard to go wrong with the Social Responsibility section of the Hymnal 1982...