Saturday, November 22, 2008

Concert Program - Andy Lang, organ

This was the second Bach's Lunch that I was able to attend this semester. It is also the last Bach's Lunch of the Fall Semester.

Andy Lang is the Director of the Office and Arts and Sciences Information Services ( OASIS) at UNC Chapel Hill, and also an organist. Here is what he played:

Dietrich Buxtehude: Præludium in C, BuxWV 136
J. S. Bach: Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr, BWV 662
Larry Visser: Two Chorale Preludes on Lobe den Herren
  • Ornamented chorale
  • In Organo pleno
Jean-Adam Guilain: Suite du Deuxième ton
  • Plein Jeu
  • Tierce en taille
  • Duo
  • Basse de trompette
  • Flûtes
  • Dialogue

I'd never heard of Mr Lang, I'll admit. He said he usually goes to St Philip's Episcopal Church in Durham, so I figured the connection was through a mutual friend of ours, Eddie A., who is the Organist/Choirmaster there. But he did a wonderful job, and I particularly liked the Visser, as well as the Guilain. I thought his tempo on the Bach Leipzig chorale was a little slow, but then again, the friends I've heard play this (well, really as they were learning it) were taking it at a slightly faster tempo.

It's funny, when I saw Visser's name, I immediately thought of a quote I had placed on my Facebook page that goes like this:

Ed: "How many organists are there?"
Visser: "About half of them, Ed; the rest are note machines."

And that was something I got off one of the organ-centred listservs I subscribe to.

Well. I certainly hope to run into Mr Lang at other organ-related events in the area.

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