Friday, June 6, 2008

... speaking of music ...

Filling in the 5x5 Music Meme reminded me to revisit my on-line playlist as I noticed a heap of broken links. I was very disappointed that most of my Tagalog-language links were broken. :-( If any of you happen to know of any current Filipino artists I could search on, please leave a comment in the combox. Having cousins who prefer to listen to Western artists puts a damper on me knowing other Filipino artists than the usual "big-name" OPM'ers.

I happily added a couple of Brahms pieces, including 14 minutes worth of the German Requiem that was performed by ... erm, can't remember right now, but it was definitely a college group. I would have loved to have added the UNC Clef Hangers' version of Carolina On My Mind, but couldn't find it within Project Playlist's search engines. They sing that piece extraordinarily well.

I think I'm happy with my list for the moment. I'm sure the next time I'll revisit it will be when I notice more broken links in the playlist.

Enjoy listening to some of my favourite songs!

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