Sunday, June 15, 2008

Firefox Dowload Day

Download Day - English
H/T to Fr. Stephen Cuyos.

For you Firefox fans out there, there is an effort to set a Guinness World Record for most software downloaded in 24 hours on June 17, 2008. I just made my pledge to download Firefox 3 in order to do my part. As of this writing, 1,302,699 people have pledged to download Firefox 3. (Just click on the button above to do the same.)

Click here to make your pledge.

I became a huge fan of Firefox thanks to the IT guy in the Cell and Developmental Biology Department at UNC Chapel Hill. He was a strong advocate for Firefox and its companion Thunderbird for email. After using it on the computers in the department, I was hooked, and I found I liked it so much better than Microsoft's product.

So do your part and download this excellent browser.

Still not convinced? Let me quote Fr. Stephen to conclude this post:
I am writing this post using Firefox 3 Beta 5 running on OpenSuse 11 RC1 and I can attest to the fact that Firefox really gives you “increased security, blinding speed and cool new features that will change the way you use the Web.” Firefox is absolutely free, no strings attached.

If you want to watch a demo of the features of Firefox 3, please click here. If you want to know what else you can do to help spread Firefox, visit this page.

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