Thursday, June 5, 2008

Something to tickle the ear and feed the Plot Bunny

Of late, pieces of a song long forgotten (at least, to me) has been tickling my ear. It was a song I sang with the Montgomery Junior High School (now known as Montgomery Middle School) Choir, under the direction of Jennifer Sudderth. I just remembered a fragment of the lyrics: "A million tomorrows shall all pass away / 'Ere I forget all the joys that are mine, today."

Google is my friend. I managed to find the song, as well as who wrote this lovely piece: it was the late, great John Denver. I found a YouTube video featuring the song, whose title is "Today."

Immediately, I remembered that Adeline Hernandez, who was one of four student accompanists (Gary Thomas, Cathy Villuan, and I were the other three) sang a solo whilst being accompanied in the background by the choir and, I believe, Gary. I just loved the lyrics.

Of course, my Muse started whispering in my ear immediately. Naturally, this is Harry Potter FanFiction in my mind, and dealing with, specifically, the good 'ship HG/SS. Each stanza, including the refrain repeated thrice, would introduce a series of snapshots from the time Severus Snape is bitten by Voldemort's snake, Nagini, and other scenes of my invention, which includes a long stay in St. Mungo's for Severus. One scene would involve Hermione sitting by an unconscious Severus' bedside, as she remembers the day Voldemort died, and Snape was bitten. Another scene sees Hermione and Harry arguing over Harry's choice of bringing a bouquet of lilies to place on Severus' bedside table. Another scene would involve Minerva McGonagall and Poppy Pomfrey trying to knock some sense into a very stubborn Severus, who at that point in my story, emerged from a months-long coma. Severus has a scene of his own, recalling whatever events he may have remembered, and current events from his point of view. My ending scene would involve Hermione and Severus having a chat in Severus' hospital room.

I've already written at least 70% of this story. I'll just have to work out some of the conversations, and smooth things over to ensure that everyone is, at least, somewhat in character.

Now, you may ask me, what ever happened to the other story I wrote several months ago? It was a Snape/Lily story, nothing romantic, but inspired by an episode of M*A*S*H. There were several things I didn't particularly like about it, and after having had it beta-read (thanks, Juno!) I decided to sit on this for a bit before revisiting it again. I will eventually put this story on-line as soon as I'm satisfied with it, most likely on

Of course, RL will get in the way of all that. I spent a couple of hours marking lab reports earlier tonight, and I have to write up a midterm examination for my students, which I will administer to them on Monday. I'll also have to prepare a set of slides for the next chapter to be uploaded on Monday ... and then I have to remember not to neglect my church-related duties as well. I haven't touched the organ since Sunday, and now that I've located my organ shoes, I really need to drag myself over to church and practice. So I will manage to keep myself busy enough over the next several days ...

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