Friday, February 8, 2008

Worship has become a "game"

This post, naturally, from PIPORG-L, is a follow-up to bruise in the monastery's comment from an earlier blog post, which I reproduce for you here:
[...] Herein lies one of the prevalent problems in todays' church ... worship has become a "game." [...]

Charles Richard Lester has a wickedly funny response to bruise in the monastery's "worship has become a 'game'" comment, which I wish to share with you here. This has tickled my funny bone, and if I wake up one morning on the snarky side of the bed, I just might try this one morning in church. (But not during Lent, of course.)
One of my favorite games in noisy churches is to play a prelude that starts on the softest stop then gradually, subtly, grows louder and louder until FULL ORGAN, including the pew-rattlers and party-horns, is roaring full tilt. Then press a piston which retires all the stops except the Lovely Flute Celeste, and oh, what a grand cacophony of chattering, jibber-jabbering, yelling and shouting you will hear from the saintly seat-holders.

And boy, does Matilda Floppenbottum have egg on her face when she is heard shouting full blast to her gossip-partner Hilda Heavinbosum, "I HEARD THAT THE CHOIR DIRECTOR'S DAUGHTER IS ON THE PILL BECAUSE SHE HAS BEEN SLEEPING WITH THE PASTOR'S SON!"

Check, and mate.



Brian Michael Page said...

I'd love to take that trick one better.

Scelata said...

Have meant for some time to link to your blog, and compliment you on it.
(I envy you having the Episcopal hymnal as a congregational resource ;o))

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)