Sunday, February 10, 2008

10 February - Lent I (an update)

First stop in our Lenten journey: the First Sunday in Lent. Temptation seems to be the overall theme as it's in the Collect of the Day, as well as in the Gospel readings.

Numbers are from The Hymnal 1982.

St. Joseph's Episcopal Church:

February 10: Lent I:

Prelude: None - little bit of miscommunication between Vicar and me ... however, I had originally planned Jesu, meine Freude (BWV 610) J.S. Bach; this will get pushed to Lent III.
Pro: 150 Forty days and forty nights (AUS DER TIEFE RUFE ICH)
Kyrie: Willan (S-91 in Hymnal 1982, if you're interested)
Psalm: Ps 32 (Barrett)
Seq: 140 Wilt thou forgive that sin, where I begun (DONNE)
Off: 448 O love, how deep, how broad, how high (DEUS TUORUM MILITUM)
Sanctus: S-124 New Plainsong (D. Hurd)
Lord's Prayer: chanted (S-119 in Hymnal 1982, if you're interested)
Fraction Anthem: S 161 New Plainsong (D. Hurd)
Comm: J-110 On Eagle's Wings (Choir only)
Re: 688 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (EIN' FESTE BURG)

*shrug* I have a small, but merry band of volunteers which includes a bass guitarist, a guitarist, and a flautist. They have this "St. Joseph's Hymnbook," which includes some of the schlockiest things I've ever seen (and most of which I have no clue how they go as I've never seen nor heard of them before). However, considering this group does that type of music best, I might as well take advantage of that. My music planning guides indicate that OEW is quite appropriate for Lent I, so I figured I might as well program it during Communion. This group was certainly ecstatic when I informed them last Sunday that OEW was going to be the Communion song for Lent I.

Episcopal Centre at Duke University:

February 10: Lent I:

Prelude: Most likely a slowly played version of the hymntune Donne (see 140 above).
Pro: none - Decalogue at S-353 will be chanted
Seq: 148 Creator of the earth and skies (UFFINGHAM, vs. 1, 2, 4, 5)
Off: 142 Lord, who throughout these forty days (ST. FLAVIAN)
Sanctus: Willan (S-114)
Comm: 330 Therefore we, before him bending (TANTUM ERGO SACRAMENTUM)
Re: 688 A mighty fortress is our God (EIN FESTE BURG)

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