Friday, February 22, 2008

Art is Servant

I'm borrowing the title of this post from David Myers, who is the son of a couple of chemists I used to work with at RTI International and North Carolina Central University. You should have a look at his website. David is a brilliantly talented artist, and uses Catholic themes as the subject of his art. Actually, his speciality is quickly becoming that of composing illustrations for those to be Ordained to the Priesthood, and you can see for yourself why he is approached by many for that purpose.

Edit, 2-26-2008: As this post was featured in the Catholic Carnival #161, a clarification is needed here. David was a former seminarian for the Diocese of Raleigh who now devotes his time to creating wonderful works of art.

Why I mention this: I came across a post from my favourite Open Source proponent, Fr. Stephen Cuyos. He discusses a Manga Bible. For those of you unfamiliar with Manga, no, it is not the Tagalog word for mango (it's spelled differently), but it is the Japanese word for "comics." So essentially, the Manga Bible is an illustrated Bible. Akinsiku, a British graphic design artist of Nigerian origin, is the artist behind this work. I've read an Illustrated Bible when I was a child, but having a look at the samples on Siku's page ... wow. It's amazing work, and worth a look.



Hello again! I love the post and wanted to suggest you check out this site as well for an interesting comic book illustration of Jesus' being tempted by the devil:

Thank you again for your kind words! I emailed Mom and Dad to let them know!

Peace be with you-

Lyn F. said...

Thank you very much indeed for the link. It's really neat, and I will write another post, giving you the "hat tip."

Please give your parents my warmest regards.