Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Holy Eucharist, Rite II and Confirmation: Feast Day of George Herbert

At the Episcopal Centre at Duke University, a Holy Eucharist (Rite II) and Confirmation was celebrated, and we were graced with the presence of Bishop Michael Curry, the Bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina. He is an amazing preacher. The Gospel came from Matthew (Mt 5:1-10) - the Beatitudes, and his sermon was based on that. Of course, he started off with a quip about ensuring he will keep his comments short such that the students present won't miss out on the chance to go see the Duke basketball team romp around the court against Georgia Tech. (What is this fascination with basketball anyway? I know, those who know I live near Duke accuse me of blasphemy, but then again, when I worked at UNC, I showed a similar apathy toward their basketball team. I'm an equal opportunity ignorer.)

But I'm drifting from the topic on which I wanted to post. Here is a music list for tonight's celebration. I did not choose this music, but IMHO, if I did, I probably would have chosen these very hymns. Compliments and kudos to the Chaplain, the Revd. Sarah Ball-Damberg ...

But first, click here to have a look at the readings for this service.

Now, the list.

Prelude: Prelude on Land of Rest (W. Held)
Pro: Teach me, my God and King (CARLISLE)
Seq: 656 Blest are the pure in heart (FRANCONIA)
Off: 560 Remember your servants, Lord (BEATITUDES, based on Russian Orthodox Chant, arr. R. Proulx)
Sanctus: S-129 (Powell)
Comm: 304 I come with joy to meet my Lord (LAND OF REST)
Re: 594 God of Grace and God of glory (CWM RHONDDA)

Sarah indeed got her wish of a hymn with the text penned by Herbert himself with that Opening Hymn. The text is here, although what the Cyberhymnal presents is a different tune than that which we sung earlier tonight.

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Scelata said...

Now I feel really dense -- who knew George Herbert had a feast day?

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