Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How NOT to use the pistons!

This little gem comes courtesy of Daniel E. Gawthorp, via the PIPORG-L list. It's one of those that just makes you shake your head. For me, I found it amusing. Enjoy!

I remember going, now several decades ago, to tune and service a lovely three manual Æolian-Skinner located in a beautiful Episcopal parish church in Gothic style (which shall remain nameless) and finding that every piston on the organ contained the same registration: all manual eights and sixteens coupled together. Upon pointing out this obvious failure of the combination action, I was informed by the senior technician, with a chuckle, that this was the registration which the resident organist used for all hymn playing and that she thought it was very clever to have it on all of the pistons--that way, no matter which one she happened to hit, it would be right! One might almost find registration by crescendo pedal preferable!

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