Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gratitude Campaign

Now, this is interesting. I received this via email from Rev. David Kovach. Considering I've had friends and relatives serve in the military, I figured this would be appropriate to share with all. Regardless of how you feel about the war in Iraq, this is for all who serve in the military.

Gratitude Campaign

How often have you thought you had a great idea, and after mulling it over or even chatting about it with friends, let it fall by the wayside? Today we did a story about a local guy, Scott Truitt, who thought it would be great if people had a simple gesture to express gratitude to military personnel. He's trying to teach people the American Sign Language sign for "thank you from the bottom of my heart" so it can be gestured to a member of the military without having the awkwardness of starting an entire conversation.

Not only has he produced a short video that's on YouTube and his website but he got the Seattle Seahawks to play it on their jumbotron before the Seahawks-Bengals game. His hope is for the gesture to be come so common, no one even remembers it took a "campaign" to get it started. Do you think it'll catch on?

Check out The Gratitude
for more information.

As stated in the video: it's not about politics; it's about service and sacrifice on the part of the military, and gratitude on our parts.

Thanks for the forward, Pr. Dave!

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