Friday, December 9, 2011

Mushy Brains

This is my brain on Fridays. Mushy.

There won't be any rest for the weary. So much work to do. So little time in which to do it.

Thank goodness for regular car maintenance. I was unaware that my rear brakes were in need of repair. After I got the car back, I was able to tell a major difference with the brakes. They're much more efficient now.

Earlier tonight, I was at a most delightful organ and brass concert with proceeds benefitting NAMI Durham (National Alliance on Mental Illness). It was a great evening of music for a great cause. I was glad that, despite lots of other musical events going on in town, there was a good turnout at tonight's concert.

I think I hear my bed calling me. It's time to visit the Land of Nod...

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