Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yay, Denver International Airport!

My trip home included a stopover at the Denver International Airport. I will admit to being very tired. The hike I took Monday morning, combined with the travel made me very tired. It was essentially an overnight flight I took from Honolulu to Denver, so when we landed at some early hour in the morning (it wasn't 7.00 am local time yet when we landed), my connecting flight to Raleigh wasn't even posted yet. Not wanting to walk around the airport lugging my backpack (including the haupia mix and Hawaiian salt because including those in my suitcase would have put me 8 lbs over the 50 lb limit for checked luggage) and Chemistry books, I decided to find a quiet place to take a nap.

Two hours later, my connecting flight was listed, so I took the moving sidewalks to my connecting gate.

Now here is why I'm blogging on my (relatively boring) travel back to the Mainland. DIA provides free wireless access! I thought that was really really nice, and wondered why doesn't other airports offer something similar. Of course, you'd have to live with their advertisers, but AFAIC, it's a small irritation, and would much rather have to deal with that in order to have free wireless access. It enabled me to reschedule a meeting with a prospective bride, once I realised my one-day delay in returning to the Mainland would impact my church job.

So kudos to DIA for providing the wireless access! I sincerely hope other airports may consider following suit.

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