Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pondering Catholic Carnival 173

Catholic Carnival 173 is up and running at just another day of Catholic pondering. This Carnival has a Marian/Rosary theme. How very appropriate for the month of May. (By the way, Filipinos generally spend the month of May spending time gathered at others' houses as a Marian statue of choice, generally that of Our Lady of Fatima, goes from house to house. I'll blog on this on another post by reproducing an article I wrote several years ago for Immaculate Conception's now defunct newsletter.)

Somehow appropriate to the theme, my entry was my response to a bit of good-natured ribbing from a few members of the blogosphere over my placement of a rosary on my rear-view mirror. Interestingly enough ... I'm currently in Waikiki, Hawaii, and yesterday, the Obispos and I were gallivanting about from military base to military base (really, going from Navy Exchange to Post Exchange to Base Exchange ... you military brats should get the idea) in an elusive search for the perfect muumuu. I couldn't help but notice the interesting things hanging off of peoples' rear-view mirrors. Tons of rosaries. Pictures of Jesus and His Sacred Heart. Lots of leis. Beaded necklaces. Graduation tassels. Fuzzy dice. Flags of Puerto Rico, Philippines, Mexico, etc., proudly displaying the origins of the owners of the cars. It was almost dizzying.

I've discerned that these Carnivals can only be as good as the entries you bring to the party. Please feel free to submit your thoughts to future Carnivals. A handy-dandy form may be found by clicking here. In addition, a list of past and future Carnivals may be obtained by clicking here.

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