Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holy Week and Triduum with the Organ-ic Chemist

I fell so far behind in my posting. I will admit that it was an exhausting week, and I just wanted to rest ... well, after having done a scientific favour for a friend.

I did a flurry of posts, back-dating everything, so even if the dates reflected the days the services took place, there will be a heap of posts imported into Facebook, or flooding my f-list on LJ, etc. And that's okay.

Here is a list of the services I've posted.
I'll try to post my next lists in a more timely manner. On tap: a 7.45 am Mass at Immaculate Conception, my usual 10.30 am service at St Joseph's, my usual 4.00 pm service at the Episcopal Centre at Duke University, and the 9.30 pm chanted Compline service at Chapel of the Cross.

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