Wednesday, April 8, 2009

8 April - Tenebræ

This post will be back-dated - I've really delayed in getting this up.

Wednesday in Holy Week, we had a Tenebræ service with chants (in English) from the Monastic Diurnal Noted.

Four of us did the chants, and one of us led and chanted the readings. It was a beautiful service.

Here is the order we used:

Tenebræ of Maundy Thursday

At Matins
Nocturn I

Ps 69
Ps 70
Ps 71

Lesson I
Respond I
Lesson II
Respond II
Lesson III
Respond III

Nocturn II

Ps 72
Ps 73
Ps 74

Lesson IV
Respond IV
Lesson V
Respond V
Lesson VI
Respond VI

Nocturn III

Ps 75
Ps 76
Ps 77

Lesson VII
Respond VII
Lesson VIII
Respond VIII
Lesson IX
Respond IX

At Lauds

Ps 51
Ps 90
Ps 36
Song of Moses
Ps 147

Versicle and Response
Benedictus with antiphon
Antiphon “Christ for our sake”
Our Father (said secretly)
Ps 51

Note: Edited to correct the source of the chants in English. Thanks, Chris! :)


Scott said...

Great! What was your source for the chants? (I think the MDR Triduum volume is just the texts, right?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

The antiphon texts were actually from the Monastic Diurnal, not the MDR, and the chants were from the Monastic Diurnal Noted. The Psalms were from the '79 BCP and the readings from the NRSV.