Sunday, December 7, 2008

Uggggggh ... utter tiredness!

Well, I knew this was going to be my busy weekend. I will admit, I completely blew off the Concerts at St. Stephen's people - it was tree delivery day today (from the annual Christmas Trees and Greeneries sale), and I said I'd help. Well, I woke up this morning, feeling rather blah, plus there was a pile of laundry that really needed to get done. So I had to make my decision ...

A run-through of Lessons and Carols was next at the Episcopal Centre, as well as sharing of musical resources and such with the Chaplain. After some chatting, it was back home for more laundry, and then off to Raleigh to rehearse with the Filipino Choir. We are preparing three songs, two English, one Tagalog, for the annual PAANC Gala for the 20th December. Then after that, dashing back to Durham to sit down at the organ and prepare for the 7.45 am Mass for Immaculate Conception, as well as the 10.30 service for St. Joseph's. Then home, where I had to reorganise the choir folders for the Simbang Gabi service choir, as well as put into musical notation a song that the Couples for Christ Youth Choir will perform during the post-Simbang Gabi reception.

And now here we are. Where hides sleep, is she watching me? Don't forsake me now ... I'll have to get up in around 3.5 hours anyway so that I can prepare a large pot of salabat and then head off to IC.

Sunday won't be any better. 7.45 am Mass at IC, followed by a 9.30 am choir call at St. Joseph's, and then a 12.30 pm rehearsal for the Simbang Gabi service choir, followed by a 2.30 pm rehearsal with volunteer musicians for the Episcopal Center's Advent Lessons and Carols, which will occur at 5.00 pm. After a festive banquet, it's Roast Lyn time ... erm, I mean, it's Advent and Christmas Hymn Sing. Any hymn or song from The Hymnal 1982 in the Advent and Christmas sections is fair game. Well, I'll get to exercise my sight-reading skills, that's for sure! Hymn sing would have to be cut short so that I can be out the door and heading toward Chapel Hill and the last Compline of the Fall Semester. I will be lucky if I make the 8.30 pm choir call, so I would hope to get there before the service starts at 9.30 pm.

And then once that's done, I can roll on home and drop on my bed.

Monday, Monday ... becomes my light at the end of the tunnel ...

/whingeing session over


NorfolkBoy said...

Dearest Lyn,
Please don't drive yourself too hard! I was present at two of your events today and my goodness, you worked hard and the smile never left your face!
You have done wonders with the choir at St. Joseph's, todays music was wonderful and as for your marathon at the Episcopal Center at Duke, well, words fail me (that's a first).
Thank you Lynn for your tireless efforts at providing music for the praising of our Lord. Gail and I appreciate it, as I'm sure do many others.

Lyn F. said...

You are very kind, Mick. Thank you very much indeed.