Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3 August - 12th Sunday after Pentecost - Proper 13

I had just the one service last Sunday.

St. Joseph's Episcopal Church - numbers are out of The Hymnal 1982.

The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost: Holy Eucharist: Rite II
Prelude: Echo Fantasia 5 (Ionian; attr. J. Sweelinck)
Pro: 48, O day of radiant gladness (ES FLOG EIN KLEINS WALDVÖGELEIN)
Trisagion: S-100 (New Plainsong Mass; Hurd)
Psalm: Ps 17(Barrett)
Seq: 321, My God, thy table now is spread (ROCKINGHAM)
Off: 670, Lord, forever at thy side (SONG 13)
Sanctus: S-130, Deutsche Messe (Schubert)
Lord's Prayer: chanted (S-119 in Hymnal 1982)
Fraction Anthem: S-169, My flesh is food indeed (Urwin)
Comm: Gather Comprehensive 821, Bread of Life, Hope of the World (B. Farrell)
Re: 304, I come with joy to meet my Lord (LAND OF REST)
Postlude: Toccata (Dorian, Sweelinck)

I was in a Sweelinck kind of mood ... lots of scales to keep the fingers happy ...

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