Sunday, May 8, 2011

More on Flores de Mayo

One of my friends, M.R., who grew up in the Philippines, had this to say about my post about Flores de Mayo:

When I was growing up back home, our Flores de Mayo was something that all young girls really look forward to each year. As we reached our debutante age (18), we get to be Hermana Mayora. It is such a wonderful tradition that I really hope we could get it started here in Raleigh as well. It was such a lovely event. Every afternoon, we'd be at the church with Mass and offering of the flowers to Mary called Alay.

Each day a young girl has been assigned, we'd have
merienda at their house and on to the church in processional form with a band following us. It was so neat.

It takes a lot of commitment and passion to get it done. At night I still remember we would have what we call
Santa Cruzan or Lutrina. I cannot count on my fingers the number of nights I would either be an angel, or Reyna Elena. It was like almost every other night, from one town to the other. It was priceless and probably one of the best part of being a girl.

I remember my hair so stiff like an iron rod from hair spray, different styles each time; it was fun. It also made me realize what our culture and our faith is all about and how we really venerate Mary.

Sampaguita was all over the place when I was growing up during he month of May.

Thanks so much for that, M.R.! I was born in the United States and grew up here, and I've never had the pleasure to experience Flores de Mayo as how it would be celebrated back in the Philippines. From what I understand, each region, even each barangay have a different way of celebrating it. I only hope that by celebrating it in the way we do here in Durham, NC, we'll be able to give our children a taste of this beloved Filipino tradition.

The picture above was borrowed from Mabuhay Guides.

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