Sunday, October 25, 2009

St Jude’s Novena 2009: Final Mass

Today's Mass concluded the St Jude’s Novena Mission 2009. And what a Mass it was!

St Jude’s Novena 2009
St Jude’s Parish & Shrine, Vancouver, BC, Canada
25 October 2009

Ordo Missae: Missa de Angelis
Proprium: By Flowing Waters, Mass II for Ordinary Time
Entrance: procession around the Church (due to inclement weather)
BFW 415, from propers for Apostles (Psalm 19:4 – “Their voice goes out to all the world; their message, to the ends of the earth.”)
Offertory: Asperges Me* (Michael Haydn, 1737–1806)
BFW 235/236 (Psalm 5 – “Hear my cry for help, my King and my God.”)
Communion: BFW 237/238 (Psalm 13 – “Let me sing to you, Lord, for all your goodness to me.”)
BFW 228/229 (Luke 4:22 – “And all the people marvelled at the words that came from the mouth of the Lord.”)
Mass followed by the Novena Prayers to St Jude, and the Hymn to St Jude (“tastefully arranged” by Michael Jarvis)

* In our best German Latin!

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